Gartine is a wonderful Amsterdam restaurant located not far from sightseeing areas like the Tuschinski Theater, as well as within walking distance of the Tulip of Amsterdam Bed and Breakfast.

Considered a great restaurant for romantic dinners and relaxing meals alike, Gartine is a cozy but elegant dining spot with multiple levels of dining as well as outdoor seating for those that prefer it. It’s a great spot for just about everybody, with families that have small children likely being the only real exception, due to the close quarters in the dining area.

Gartine offers a menu that can be accurately described as relatively simple, yet exquisite. Gartine does not strive to reinvent the wheel, but the dishes that they prepare are absolutely top-notch, whether you order the smoked salmon turin,the curly kale quiche, or scrambled eggs on sourdough toast for Gartine’s famous brunch, you will be satisfied.

Gartine is a restaurant built on quality. They use home grown gardened foods, as well as organic, free range chickens and other similar items in their recipes. They also have homemade chai tea that many visitors say is the best they have ever tasted. Portions are generous as well, though not necessarily huge.

Before you decide to pop over to Gartine, remember that due to the restaurant’s popularity and high ratings online, as well as the dining room’s size (which is not huge itself), you will definitely want to make reservations beforehand to avoid disappointment. Gartine is open for both breakfast (brunch) or lunch.

If a smaller restaurant with an eye for quality, as well as a cozy atmosphere and reasonable price sounds up your alley, make a reservation at Gartine during your Amsterdam vacation.